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Here you can anonymously confess ANY thoughts you have about The Good Wife!

If you don't see your confession posted within two weeks, feel free to send a message inquiring about its status. It will probably still be in the queue, but I'll gladly tell you when it will post or if it broke any rules (listed on the FAQ/Rules page).

If you would like to submit, please do so in the ask box.


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It’d be great to get a few more confessions in the queue! 

15 minutes ago · 1 note

A request: If you’re going to send in a time-sensitive confession (for example, “Today is the 6 month anniversary of x”), PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send it IN ADVANCE and ask me to post it on a certain date. I can do that easily, but I can’t guarantee that I will have time to make and post your confession the day you submit it. So please give me a heads up! 

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