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Here you can anonymously confess ANY thoughts you have about The Good Wife!

If you don't see your confession posted within a week, feel free to send a message inquiring about its status. It will probably still be in the queue, and I'll gladly tell you when it will post or if it broke any rules (listed on the FAQ/Rules page).

If you would like to submit, please do so in the ask box.


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Anonymous whispered, "oopsies, I definitely submitted a couple fandom related confessions about Finn. Thanks for clarifying what they were."

No worries! It can be a really confusing rule. 

Anonymous whispered, "NAC: What counts as fandom related confessions? Because I think I've submitted a few, and didn't realize they were fandom related."

There’s an explanation on the FAQ page (to spare you time, the link to the fandom related confession explanation is here). We keep records of all deleted confessions, so if you’d like to check and see if any of your confessions were fandom related and why/how to fix them, feel free to send a message following up on them. Just let me know what the gist of your confession(s) was/were and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 

We’re also considering redoing the fandom related confession rule. It’s not intuitive and often results in a lot of confessions that really don’t need to be deleted being deleted because we enforce the rule pretty strictly. We’re thinking of creating a “Fandom Friday” feature where we’ll post fandom related confessions submitted within a certain window of time all on one day a month, and we’re always open to hearing new ideas and thoughts about how to make the blog run more smoothly! 


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