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If you don't see your confession posted within a week, feel free to send a message inquiring about its status. It will probably still be in the queue, and I'll gladly tell you when it will post or if it broke any rules (listed on the FAQ/Rules page).

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The short version of the rules (read the FAQ for more detailed explanations):


Where do you get your caps?

The majority of caps come from the wonderful site thegoodwifefan

You deleted my confession because you didn’t like it and are biased against it! Why did you do that?!

Short answer: I didn’t.  Longer answer: Keep reading this page for a detailed explanation of the rules of the blog and how I moderate confessions. I guarantee you that my personal opinion is not a factor in which confessions I do or do not post.

Why haven’t I seen my confession yet? I submitted it three days ago! Did you delete it? Did you forget about it? Can you post it now? 

Chances are, you haven’t seen it yet because it’s in the queue! I’ve been getting enough confessions to consistently post 10+ per day, which means that you’re not the only one waiting for your confession to be posted. Please, please, please be patient. As I mention below, I post all confessions relevant to the latest episode (or that could be made irrelevant by the next episode) before I post confessions that are about more general topics, so if your confession was something general, you may have to wait a little bit longer to see it. It shouldn’t take more than a week*. If you’ve been waiting for well over a week and haven’t seen your confession, please don’t hesitate to send me a follow-up message inquiring about its status (and make sure to let me know what the confession said). Please DON’T: take an accusatory tone with me, resubmit your confession because you think I’ve forgotten about it (I haven’t), or contact me about your confession after a few days instead of waiting at least a week. 

*during the season. Confessions may take longer to post over hiatus. 

Do you post all confessions?

Yes, unless a confession is extremely inappropriate or violates our rules (see below), it will be posted. If you feel your confession(s) have been deleted and do not understand why, feel free to send a follow-up message. Additionally, if a confession is similar to the point of being nearly identical to one posted in the recent past, I will publish it as a message (if it’s submitted off-anon, don’t worry— I’ll re-submit it as anon before posting) with a link to the already posted confession rather than making a new image. 

Where should I submit my confessions?

It’s best if you submit them in the ask box, but I don’t mind if you use the submit feature. As long as it ends up in the inbox of this blog, as both asks and submissions do, it’s fine. 

What makes a confession “too inappropriate”?

I consider a confession to be too inappropriate if it’s homophobic, racist, misogynist, sexist, violent, or explicitly sexual without making a point beyond shock value.

Are confessions about the actors okay?

Absolutely! But they MUST be expressed as a matter of opinion or they will be automatically deleted, and they MUST be about the show/the characters as well as the actors. This rule— the part about opinions— also applies to confessions about scheduling and ratings. 

To clarify: any assumptions you make about the beliefs of the actors regarding their character or their role in the goings-on behind the scenes (for example, “Julianna ended the Kalinda/Alicia friendship”) of the show must be stated as opinion. Further, the statements you make based on these assumptions must also be stated as opinions. (An example of an allowable confession: “I think Julianna played a major role in ending the Kalinda/Alicia friendship, and, if I’m right, I wish she’d never intervened. I found the K/A friendship to be essential to the show.”)

Do you edit confessions?

I correct all confessions for spelling and grammar. When correcting confessions, I attempt to keep as much of your sentence structure intact as possible. Occasionally, I receive confessions that contain sentences I can’t understand. I leave those sentences in their original phrasing. Sometimes, I will add “I think” or “in my opinion” to confessions that I feel may be inflammatory if posted as submitted. You can read a more detailed explanation here, and you can feel free to reopen discussion on this subject if you feel it necessary. The vast majority of confessions will not be changed.

Will you judge my confessions?

I am a very opinionated person, especially when it comes to this show, but I fully respect your right to a) have an opinion and b) have an opinion I may not agree with. My opinions on many topics referenced in confessions can be found on my personal blog, but my aim is to keep this blog as objective as possible. To that end, I do not directly reblog or comment on confessions. If, for some reason, you’re interested in hearing my take on a confession, send me a message on my personal blog about the same theme without directly referencing the confession. I LOVE talking about this show, but this confessions blog is not my platform to do so.

Do you post confessions in the order you receive them?

In general, yes. If I notice a batch of 15 anonymous submissions in 20 minutes or 10 in a row from one person, I may space them out a bit to get other voices in the mix. Additionally, if there happens to be a huge influx of confessions on one topic, I will manipulate the order of the confessions slightly so that there is not a week where every single confession is about that one character or pairing. During the TV season, I’ll be giving confessions about the most recent episode priority as they may lose relevance once the next episode airs, and saving more general confessions for when I run out of time-sensitive confessions.

Are confessions about the fandom okay?

NO. If you’re not sure what a fandom related confession is, read this post. Please note that confessions that are slightly fandom related (e.g. “This is probably an unpopular opinion, but…”) will be changed a tiny bit to be non-fandom related. All other fandom related confessions will be deleted. 

Can I submit a reply to a confession?

Nope. Feel free to submit a confession that comes to mind after reading another confession, but don’t directly reference the other confession. You’re also welcome to take advantage of the “reply” feature and (unfortunately, not anonymously) reply to a confession. Anyone who clicks on the notes for the post will see your reply. And we have Disqus comments— you can always post a reply there as a guest. 

Is this blog spoiler-free?

NO. Confessions about spoilers, speculation, and interviews with the writers/actors about upcoming plotlines will be posted. Occasionally, I will add notes to confessions about spoilers that state speculation as fact and may confuse others unfamiliar with the context. All confessions will be tagged as “#spoilers” and “#TGWSpoilers”, and if you feel strongly about spoilers, please don’t hesitate to send a message. If a lot of people would prefer not to have spoilers posted, I’m willing to reconsider my approach to spoilers.

I want to submit a confession, but the ask box is closed! Why is that?:

If the ask box is closed, it’s for one of two reasons. The first is that the ask box will always be closed from around 9:00 on Friday nights (eastern time) to around 9:00 Sunday nights during weeks where there’s a new episode scheduled to air. The second is that I may, from time to time, close the ask box if there’s a large volume of confessions and I feel overwhelmed. 

A note about spelling characters’ names: I’m happy to correct all spelling, as I said above. However, since the writers have decided to introduce a character named Carey Zepps, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you make it clear if you are talking about Cary Agos or Carey Zepps. If you can’t remember the correct spelling for each, please use a last initial. If it’s not clear which Car(e)y you’re referring to, the confession will be made and tagged according to the spelling used. 

I sometimes see confessions tagged “#NCC:AF” or “#NAD:GWW” or similar things. What are those tags for?

I was asked by an anon who wanted to follow the blog but not deal with all the negativity if I could tag all hateful posts. I felt it would be difficult to determine what constitutes hate without making too many subjective judgments, so the anon suggested that I tag all negative confessions. #NCC means “Negative Character Criticism” (and this encompasses everything from constructive criticism to “I hate x and they are the worst person ever). #NAD means “Negative Action Debate” (so, “I didn’t like it when Kalinda did x”). The letters after NCC and NAD are characters, by initials. So, #NCC:AF means “Negative Character Criticism: Alicia Florrick”. “GWW” stands for “Good Wife Writers” and comes after “#NAD” whenever the writers made the “action” of writing something the confessor dislikes. 

Note: I (florrickandassociates) wrote these responses in the first-person; however, I am not the sole admin of this blog.  

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